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Hawaii Vision Specialists

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The ORA System™, which stands for optiwave refractive analysis, gives your surgeon immediate measurements during cataract surgery. This helps ensure that your doctor gets the optimal measurement of your eye before your intraocular implant is placed. Hawaii Vision Specialists in Hilo, Hawaii, offers this advanced system, so patients can see clearly and cataract-free. Call the office today to schedule your appointment.


What is the ORA System?

The ORA System is an advanced tool your doctor uses during laser-assisted cataract surgery. Using the ORA System, your doctor can double-check your eye measurements for accuracy before placing your intraocular implant during cataract surgery.

How is the ORA System better than older methods?

Before the ORA System and other similar methods, your surgeon could only check the fit of your intraocular implant after placement. This could mean a less-than-optimal fit for at least several weeks until a follow-up appointment. If the fit wasn't right, you would have to undergo further surgery to make adjustments or to place a new lens. The cycle could then continue until the surgery was successful.

Your surgeon at Hawaii Vision Specialists uses the ORA System to measure your eye before inserting the implant, so you won’t get an ill-fitting implant. Even the smallest changes in your eye measurements can mean that you need a different intraocular implant than the one originally planned for. The ORA System allows your surgeon to make sure the right size of implant is used after your cataracts are removed.

Can ORA technology help with other conditions besides cataracts?

Yes. In fact, the ORA System can be extremely beneficial for astigmatism sufferers. Many cataract surgery patients also suffer from astigmatism, but in the past, it was difficult or impossible to deal with both conditions at once.

Two things have changed this: toric intraocular lenses and ORA System technology. Toric intraocular lenses correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness at the same time. ORA System technology allows your surgeon to customize your toric intraocular lens in the most precise way possible before it's placed in your eye.

Whether you have cataracts with astigmatism or cataracts alone, the ORA System allows your surgeon to optimize your new lens well beyond what you could get with eyeglasses or removable contact lenses.

Interested in the latest cataract surgery technology? Call Hawaii Vision Specialists today to schedule your consultation for cataract surgery.